Vanity Smurf Fans and/or Groupies

"It's Hard Being Perfect in a World full of Imperfections..."

The Spot for Vanity Smurf Fans!
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I finally went senile and had the urge to start a community for the best Smurf... VANITY!!!!!!!!! I am [Bad username: gwenxsmurfette></li>, your head groupie. Here are the rules of this smurfy community: <font size=]
To Get In:
+ Love Vanity Smurf AND/OR the Smurfs. You don't have to be obsessed, just like him. Even a little.
+ You must have an introduction entry. In it, please add the following:
Favorite Movie
Favorite Band
Favorite Show
Why the hell do you love Vanity?

+Users who are not Groupies may NOT post.
+Promote this listing in 3 spots, and give links to where they are... please.

+No racism
+No porn
+Treat other Groupies the way you'd want to be treated.
+No hatred towards Vanity Smurf (or the Smurfs, for that matter.).
+You may use swears on here, but don't be all "I fuckin' love fuckin' Vanity. Vanity is one fuckin' mother fucker." or something like that.
+You may promote other communities on here.
+And of course... have fun!</font>
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